Kyocera FS-9530DN


 51 PPM

Ecosys Laser Printers


High Volume Network,


entry Departmental


Laser Printer


 with up to


11 x 17 printing


Fast departmental printer with standard duplexing and network interfaces that print at the lowest cost per page (1/3 of 1 cent) while producing much less waste.  Based on the Kyocera Falcon engine that has won numerous industry awards.

New refreshed versions of the award winning Kyocera



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      standard printer                        with stand                    with PF-700                     with PF-750                         with DF-710

     2 500 sheet trays                                                      4 500 trays trays               3000 sheet tray                  3000 sheet finisher

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Kyocera  FS-9530DN

  • New re-fresh model of the award winning FS-9120DN and FS-9520DN printer with the same highly claimed Falcon engine.  The FS-9530DN now has faster processors.

  •  51 (FS-9530DN) pages per minute 1200 DPI mono laser printers, prints up to 11” x 17” paper

  • Ecosys technology that reduces waste and TCO

  • Lowest cost per page in its class, about 1/3 of 1 cent per page, toner rated for 40,000 pages for fewer user interruptions

  • 1st scheduled maintenance at 500,000 pages, a-Si drum warranted for 500,000 pages or 3 years

  • 600MHz PowerPC750CX processor, 128MB FS-9530DN, 6  expands to 640MB, opt 20GB HDD (FS-9520DN)

  • Duplexer unit for double sided printing standard, network interface standard

  • Up to 4200 sheets of input, 1200 sheets standard in two 500 sheet drawers w/200 sheet multi-feed

  • Optional 3000 stacker finisher with 2/3 hole punch and 3 position stapler, optional saddle stitcher

  • Forms overlays on PC flash cards, PCL6, 5E, Kyocera PostScript L3, IBM Pro, Epson emulations

  • New KX driver universal to all Kyocera printers and copiers with Net Viewer with Web interface

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 The FS-9500DN, FS-9120DN & FS-9520DN were Editor's Choice winners from Better Buys for Business.  The FS-9130DN and FS-9530DN are based on the same falcon engine.

you may purchase this independent guide at:

The base FS-9530DN comes with 2 500 sheet paper trays and a 200 sheet multi-feed unit for 1200 sheets of standard input that expands to 4200 sheets.  The duplexer unit and network interface are also standard

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1-800-473.7909  Houston 713.462.6474 -

Paper Handling Options:

PF-750 3000 sheet feeder: (shown)

3000 sheets side by side paper feeder.  Increases paper capacity to 4200 sheets. Ideal for sites with big print jobs! (letter size paper)

PF-700 2 tray 1000 sheet feeder:

Adds two additional 500 sheet trays that hold letter to ledger (11" x 17") size paper.  Expands paper sources to 5 and input to 2200. Ideal for sites needing multiple paper sources and sizes.


Finishing, output options:

The FS-9130DN and FS-9530DN offer finishing features normally only found on high end copiers.

DF-710 3000 sheet document finisher (shown)

This versatile finisher will stack 3000 sheets of output.  It also sorts and staples.  Option for this finisher include a 2 or 3 hole punch, a book folder and a mailbox sorter!

DF-730 1000 sheet document finisher

 This economical finisher will stack up to 1000 sheets of paper and does corner stapling.

A printer stand cabinet with casters is also available.

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