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Few people realize it, but pre-printed forms can cost your company thousands of dollars in printing and productivity costs. Pre-printed forms cost five times as much as a plain paper equivalent from a laser printer. When you add up all the forms your company uses over the course of the year, the cost can be tremendous. That's not even counting the wasted hours your employees spend separating, collating and sorting the parts and the space used to store the forms.

Why Switch to Printer Based Laser Printed Forms?

  • You can save up to 80% by using plain paper instead of pre-printed forms.

  • Pre-printed forms project an old-fashioned image for your company, unlike the crisp, clear print of laser printed forms.

  • Working with pre-printed forms wastes time.

  • Pre-printed forms take up valuable office space to store.

  • Whenever a change to a form is made you have to throw away your entire supply.

  • Laser printers are quiet, which beats the rattle of dot-matrix printers any day.

  • Switching to laser printed forms is easy!


Preprinted forms eating up your budget and space?

PDF Electronic Forms Brochure

PDF of sample forms


Printer Based Forms: How Do We Do It?
Switching to laser printed forms is easy with Kyocera Ecosys printers and Printers, Computers & LANs.  We can replicate your current forms and download them to a PC memory card that inserts in a Kyocera printer. Your new forms will print with the variable information on it simultaneously as all the information on the PC memory card is resident in the printers memory (unlike software loaded forms that must be down loaded each time).   Plus, it is easy to simply update your form file with a forms design package. In a matter of minutes, the changes are made and you can start printing on your new form.

Printers, Computers and LANs can convert even your most complicated forms on to PC memory cards as we have over 14 years experience doing so. We have even replaced some very expensive proprietary Xerox forms overlay printers with Kyocera printers and our forms overlays saved the customer thousands of dollars!  With Kyocera's broad range of paper handling options for their printers, including multiple paper inputs, duplexing and collating capabilities, you can use different color paper and can print on both sides.

Forms Printing Cost Savings
Printer Based Forms laser printing is much cheaper than printing on pre-printed forms, and with Kyocera printers, you get an added benefit. Kyocera printers offer the lowest cost-per-page in the industry. Lower than H-P. Lower than Lexmark. Lower than everyone.


Printer Base Forms VS Software Downloaded Forms:

Printers Based Forms are loaded into resident memory on the PC card.  They do not use the printers memory for processing or storing data thus being the memory free for the variable data.  Software forms must be downloaded into the printers memory. This takes up network bandwidth and uses up the printers memory.  Printer Base Forms can be set up to auto load when the printer is turned on or the power goes out and back on..  Software based forms must be sent to the printer and if the power goes out for a short interval the software form is lost and the printer will only print the variable data until the form is sent to the printer again.

Learn about our signature cards and USB drives that are great for printing checks.   

Signature overlays are now available on USB drives that plug into the front of the printer.  Just plug it in to print the signature on your checks when you print them.  You can remove the USB drive and store it with our checks for security

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Forms programmed onto IC and Flash card       

PDF of sample forms

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