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One Kyocera Ecosys laser printer can save you hundreds, even thousands

of dollars in printing cost while producing much less waste.  Imagine that,

a  printer that is good for your bottom line and the environment!

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Kyocera Ecosys Concept

Kyocera's Ecosys Story

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 Ecology Is Economy

Kyocera (pronounced Key-oh-Sara from Kyoto Ceramics) introduced the cartridge-free Ecosys printer concept in 1992 as a means of reducing the user's "Total Cost of Ownership" (TCO) while improving the printer's environmental impact. The Ecosys printer concept represents a fundamental improvement over conventional, laser printer technology. 

Conventional Laser Printers

Conventional printers use an imaging cartridge that integrates a OPC drum, developer and toner into a single, disposable unit. When the toner is depleted, the entire cartridge is disposed of and replaced with a new unit -- at significant cost and inconvenience to the user. This system may be compared to a car in which the fuel tank, engine and transmission were constructed as a single module. Under this concept, owners would have to replace the engine, transmission and fuel tank every time they ran out of gas!

The Cartridge-Free Ecosys System

In contrast, Ecosys printers feature a durable imaging system based on Kyocera's own patented amorphous silicon print drum (a-Si) which is a combination of ceramics and metal. Cartridge based printers use an OPC drum that is a soft surface and normally is designed to last from 7,000 to 20,000 pages.  With a surface that is second only to diamond in hardness, Kyocera's durable print drum is guaranteed up to 300,000 pages on the FS-2100DN, M304idn, and M3540idn and to 500,000 pages on the FS-4100/4200/4300DN, FS-9530DN and M3550idn and M3560idn.  Tiny ceramic particles embedded in Kyocera's "Ecotone" toner continually polish and recondition the drum during normal printing. The result: Ecosys users need only to replenish the toner to continue printing high-quality documents for up to 500,000 pages.  

The toner container is the only waste from the printer and is environmental safe.  It is made of just two types of plastic are ID coded for easy recycling.  This  is huge contrast to the tons of waste spent non-biodegradable cartridges produce in our landfills.

Above: Kyocera toner with just 5 parts made from two recyclable plastics

A conventional OPC toner cartridge made of 65 parts from various materials. Such cartridges are complex to recycle.  They must be sent to a processing plant to be broken apart; the parts have to be separated, replaced or re-worked, re-assembled, refilled and repackaged.  

Compare cost and waste produced

Ecosys Benefits

The benefits of Kyocera's cartridge-free Ecosys technology are twofold. Ecologically, it can help eliminate the environmental burden of millions of used print cartridges worldwide that are now disposed of each year as trash. Economically, by eliminating the recurring costs associated with replacement print cartridges, Ecosys printers provide the industry's lowest TCO -- many less than 1/2 cent per page. This incremental savings can recoup the printer's purchase price in a year or less, particularly in network printing environments.

Ecocys printers use the world's first positively charged roller that produce no ozone emission.  No ozone filter is needed.  Ecosys toner requires less heat to fuse, reducing power consumption while printing and in sleep mode.  

Cost of Ownership:

Up to 70% lower cost per page

The FS-4200DN has a cost per page of about 4/10 of 1 cent per page (.0037 with our price for TK3122 toner) as compared to HP's and Lexmark's printers in this class that have a cost per page of 1.2 to 3 cents per page (based on industry standard 5% coverage). 

Over the life of one Kyocera Ecosys printer can save you thousands of dollars in printing cost!  The saving for a company with 100 printers or more is astounding! For a TCO comparison between Kyocera Ecosys printers and their cartridge-based competitors,  click_here.

Ecosys Honors and Awards

Kyocera's Ecosys printers have been recognized around the world since 1992 for their innovative technology and their environmental friendliness.

These honors include:

Byte Magazine, Best of Comdex Spring (`92); Byte Magazine Award of Excellence (`92); Best of What's New from Popular Science (`92); Editors' Choice rating from PC Magazine (`92); Pick of the Year rating from Buyers Laboratories (`93); World's Best rating from PC Professional (Germany, `93); Award of Excellence from Nikkei Sangyou Newspapers (Japan, `93); Better for the Environment rating from Newsweek (`94); Major Savings Against Other Page Printers citation from Sunday Times (UK, `94); Look More Closely reference from Computer Weekly (UK, `94); Technical Excellence rating from PC Expert (France, `94); Saving Printing Costs Long-term citation from PC Dealer (UK, `94); Performance is Incredible citation from PC Report (South Africa, `94); Pick of the Year from Buyers Laboratories (`95); Best of Comdex Spring from Byte Magazine (`95); Best Overall 11-30ppm Laser Printer rating from Byte Magazine (`96); Top 10 rating from PC World (`96); Pick of the Year from Buyers Laboratories (`96); Test Labs Recommended rating from Computer Reseller News (`96); Finalist, Best New Products Award at FOSE (`96); Finalist, Best New Products Award at FOSE (`97); Editor's Choice rating from PC Magazine (UK, `98); Editor's Choice rating from PC Professional (Germany, `98)  99 Editor's Choice from Better Buys for Business,  Editor's Choice PC Magazine UK 2001

Printers, Computers, & LANs and Kyocera:

Printers, Computers, & LANs (PC&L) has been selling Kyocera Ecosys printers from its conception for 26 years and is consistently rated in the top 5 printer resellers in the United States. Before that company founder John Darner was in charge of Kyocera printer sales at Medical Systems Support, then part of HBO & Company, where he helped build Kyocera sales into the top reseller in the country.

How does PC&L sell so many printers in a market that is dominated by HP?  "You have to sell Kyocera printers to the customer by educating them on the Ecosys concept", John says.  "Once they become a informed buyer, it’s easy to select Kyocera over HP and Lexmark.    It’s like having two similarly equipped cars with one getting 100 miles to the gallon and the other gets 30 miles to the gallon, that can be the difference between the cost of operations with the Ecosys printers and its competition." "We have a passion for selling Kyocera printers!" adds John, " This is a feel good product to sell because we know it’s going to save our clients a lot of money while saving the environment by not produce any cartridge waste".

PC&L has placed thousands of Ecosys printers into companies who are cost and environment conscience. A factory authorized Kyocera service center, PC&L will keep your Ecosys printers running like new.  We also program custom forms overlays for use on Kyocera printers. 

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Why Kyocera Printers?

"The cost of laser printing is the largest un-documented expense in Corporate America    CAP Ventures

Kyocera's long lasting,  hard surface amorphous silicon (a-Si) drum is the heart of the Ecosys design

Kyocera printer wins endurance test with a much lower operating cost while producing much less waste !


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Kyocera rated #1 monochrome reliability printers world wide

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Ecosys printers from Kyocera have been recognized around the world for being environment friendly

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