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Kyocera Ecosys P3055dn

     Mid to High Volume B&W Laser Printer  


 The new Kyocera's P3055dn is replacing the FS-4200DN laser printer. It is one of the second generation  in this series of networked workgroup printers. The new P3055dn is faster, rated up to 57 PPM, the FS-4200DN was rated up to 52 PPM.  The P3055dn also comes with twice the memory (512MB) and has a faster processor to start and complete your print jobs quicker. A new optional wireless and Wi-Fi direct interface is available.  The new P3055dn printer features the lowest cost per  page in its class at .0038 (just over 1/3 cent per page).  Kyocera's Ecosys technology uses long life imaging components that reduce printing cost and waste. 

This new model features a five line LCD panel with a keypad for  increased functionality and security.  The P3055dn comes with Gigabit Ethernet, standard duplex printing (prints on both sides of the page).   The first scheduled maintenance is not until 500,000 pages. The P3055dn printer produces  excellent documents at up to 70% less on cost per page than other printers in this class.  Replaces the FS-4200DN.     




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 The new Kyocera Ecosys models use up to 32% less power than previous generations




P3055dn PDF Brochure      


Shown without and with optional PF-320 paper feeders, new LCD panel enhanced.  

Printer specifications:

  • 57 PPM Laser Printer

  • New 5 line LCD display panel with keypad

  • Sharp 1200 DPI printing

  • Lowest cost per page in its class    1/3 cent per page for toner (.0033 rated up to 21,000 pages TK-3182 toner

  • Standard Duplex printing

  • PCL6 and PostScript L3 standard

  • 1.2 GHz CPU for a fast 1st page out

  • 512MB RAM, expands to 2.5GB

  • Network ready 10/100/1000 & USB Ports standard

  • Optional IB-36 Wireless & Wi-Fi direct interface

  • 600 sheets of input standard, one 500 sheet drawer letter/legal (expands to 2600 w/ optional 500 sheet feeders)  500 sheets output

  • Multi-purpose unit feeds envelopes, labels and heavy stocks

  • USB Host printing from USB thumb drive

  • Optional PF-320 500 sheet feeders also feed envelopes

  • Optional bulk feeder for heavy stocks & label

  • Custom forms overlays available from PC&L

  • Max duty cycle 200,000 pages per month

  • Recommended average print volume 25,000 pages or less

  • Replaced the FS-4200DN

                                      Special Pricing $849.00           

secure.gif (215 bytes)Order on-line  free ground shipping

or call 800.473.7909

5 line LCD operator

A new 5 line LCD operator panel has a numeric keypad allowing greater functionality and security.  This allows users to set a four digit password to their documents when they send the to the printer that only they can enter before it will print.


UPS Direct Printing

A USB thumb drive can be inserted into the front USB port to directly print documents for mobile printing and security.

You can print PC&L's custom signature overlays for signing check off a USB drive 

See how much you can save in printing cost with just one Kyocera P3055dn



Compare all 4 Kyocera Network Class Laser Printers side by side



PF-320 500 Sheet Feeder (shown above) 500 sheet paper drawer for the FS-4020DN. Up to 3 can be added. Holds 500 sheets of letter or legal size allowing you to have different paper stocks or sizes on-line.     $239.00


IB-36 Wireless & Wi-Fi Direct interface

802g/b/n up to 98 feet, up to 20Mbbs $99.00


1 GB Memory Upgrade

1 GB memory upgrade for 1.5 GB total memory  $139.00


2 GB Memory Upgrade

2GB MB memory upgrade for2.5 GB total memory  $169.00



TK-3182 Toner for theP3055dn (rated for 21,000 pages)

$69.95   Click here


On-site warranty upgrade

Upgrade warranty to 3 years on-site NBD $399.00  Click here


Shown with optional PF-3100 bulk feeder and stand please call or e-mail for information and pricing  


PC&L is an authorized Kyocera Service Provider. Our service area covers 50 miles any direction from Houston. Our service personnel are based out of Houston.  We only provide on-site service in this area.   The P3055dn has a one year parts & labor on-site repair warranty from Kyocera. The imaging components have a 3 year or 500,000 page (which ever comes first) parts warranty, after the first year labor is not included. If a maintenance kit is installed at 3 years or 500,000 (which ever comes first)  the warranty on the imaging components is extended another 3 years or 500,000 pages by Kyocera.  The kit has to be installed by a certified Kyocera technician and registered with Kyocera. All warranty claims must be approved by Kyocera.  A three year on -site warranty upgrade is available.

Printers, Computers, & LANs and Kyocera:

Printers, Computers, & LANs (PC&L) has been selling Kyocera  printers from its conception for 25 years and is consistently rated in the top 5 printer resellers in the United States (some years #1 and others 2nd).    PC&L has placed thousands of Kyocera printers into companies who are cost and environment conscious. A factory authorized Kyocera service center, PC&L will keep your Kyocera copiers and printers running like new. 

For more information:

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