With our current economic uncertainty can you continue to waste hundreds and even thousands of dollars?

One Kyocera Ecosys laser printer can save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars in operating cost! 

It's time to re-think your choice of laser printers


Kyocera's Ecosys technology use long life engine components that greatly reduces the total cost of ownership in printing and reduces the amount of waste produced

See side by side brand comparisons and how much  you can save !


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"Save $4700 in 4 years"

"The cost of laser printing is the largest un-documented expense in Corporate America”

CAP Ventures 1999

“The total cost of running a printer is far wider than the cost of the printer”.

BERTL  September 2000

Although total operating cost differences exist among single-piece cartridge printer makers, those differences are minor compared to the cost advantages offered by alternative engine designs, such as those manufactured by Kyocera.”   

 Lyra Research October 1999

Consider this…
According to PC Magazine, the average
office document is printed 3 times before
it is considered final
This means…
75% of what you print
ends up in the garbage!
Do you know how much your
laser printer actually costs you?
If you don’t, you are wasting
hundreds , perhaps thousands

Cost of ownership example, Kyocera cost less!


This is the price of three 50PPM network printers

Price is the one time expenses.


HP M602dn Kyocera FS-4200DN Lexmark T652DN

  $1199.00                  $1059.00                        $1149.00


Below are the toners they use with cost per toner, rated yield and cost per page.   The bottom line shows what your cost is at after 5 years of printing 5,000 pages a month.

Note all are high yield with each manufactures lowest cost per page available.



Kyocera TK-3122

Lexmark T650H11A




24,000 pages 21,000 pages 25,000 pages
.0122 per page .0039 per page .0176 per page

Cost of printing at 300,000 pages


Cost of printing

at 300,000



Cost of printing

at 300,000



This is what your cost looks like to operator these three printers after 3 years printing 20,000 pages a month.

       HP                          Kyocera                           Lexmark     

     M602dn                  FS-4200DN                       T-652DN










The Kyocera FS-4200DN would save you over $2,000 to $4,000 in this example.  

The more printers you have, the more you print,  the more you save with Kyocera Ecosys Printers and Multi-functions.

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Kyocera printers produce much less waste!

Imagine that, a laser printer that is good for your bottom line and the environment