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Tired of writer's cramps?

PC&L programs signatures for Kyocera printers on PC flash cards and USB drives.  We can program one or multiple signatures to print out on preprinted check stock or on documents exactly where you need the signatures.  We can program the card to auto load the signature(s) when the card is inserted into the printers pc card slot.  The programmed signature prints as a overlay when data is sent to the printer.  No changes need to be made to your software as the overlay is printer based.  When you are finished printing the checks or documents just remove the flash card or USB drive and store it a safe place.

Programmed signature cards start at only $250.00.  Compare that to the price of a check signer machine.  Low end check signers start around $800 to print a signature and must be hand feed one at a time! You can purchase a Kyocera printer and check card for about the same cost and you will have a printer you can use everyday.  High end check signers can cost thousands of dollars. 

A signature card in a Kyocera printer saves time as the check come out signed thus eliminating feeding the checks into a signer machine.  It doesn't matter if you print 15 or 1500 check at a time, we can program a signature card and provide a Kyocera printer to match your needs.

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You do don't need an expensive signature machine to get  signatures on your checks or documents

Signature overlays are now available on USB drives that plug into the front of the printer.  Just plug it in to print the signature on your checks when you print them.  You can remove the USB drive and store it with your checks for security.


Printers, Computers and LANs has been custom programming forms overlays onto Kyocera printers for over 17 years.  We have even replaced some very expensive proprietary Xerox forms overlay printers with Kyocera printers and our forms overlays have saved the customer thousands of dollars!  Kyocera printers have the lowest cost per page in the industry and a broad range of paper handling options for their printers, including multiple paper inputs, duplexing and collating capabilities.



Preprinted forms eating up your budget and space?

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