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Printer waste comparison between Kyocera and HP

One Kyocera TK-60 Toner lasts as long as two HP C-4127X Cartridges.

The Kyocera TK-60 toner is rated for 20,000 pages at the industry standard rating of 5% coverage.  The HP C-4127X (this is the high yield cartridge) cartridge is rated for 10,000 pages at the same 5% coverage.

One TK60 Toner costs $81.00* ,  one HP C4127X cartridge costs $129.00*

Even though the Kyocera TK-60 toner costs less than one of the HP C4127X cartridges, it lasts twice as long.

For 20,000 pages printed at the industry standard of 5%, a Kyocera Ecosys FS-1800 or FS-3800 would save you $177 in supplies compared to the HP 4000 series or the new 4100 series which has the same cost per page!  Over the life of a Kyocera Ecosys printer you can save thousands of dollars! 

For a 3 year comparison between the Kyocera Ecosys FS-3800 and the HP 4100 click here

For a 3 year comparison between the Kyocera Ecosys FS-1800 and the HP 2200 click here.


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   *PC&L pricing for these items

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