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Kyocera Ecosys Printers & MFP have the lowest cost of operation in their classes and are remarkably reliable when used with genuine Kyocera toners. PC&L only sells Genuine Kyocera Toner and ships the same day if ordered before 3PM.

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Independent test finds generic toners reduce print quality, can cause failures.


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Genuine Kyocera Toner Fast Locater Page

Kyocera Black Toner for Black & White Mono Laser Printers

Fast finder links for black printer toner, click the blue to order   

Network Work Group

FS-2000D     TK-312

FS-3900DN    TK-322

FS-4000DN    TK-332

FS-2020DN   TK-342

FS-3920DN    TK-352

FS-4020DN    TK-362

FS-2100DN   TK-3102

FS-4100DN    TK-3112

FS-4200DN   TK-3122

P3045dn       TK-3162

P3050dn        TK-3172

FS-4300DN   TK-3132

P3145dn       TK-3162 P3150dn        TK-3172 P3060dn        TK-3192
P3055dn        TK-3182 P3155dn        TK-3182 P3260dn TK-3192, TK-3202

  Personal, Small Group

Video, how to replace these toners           

FS-1300D      TK-132

FS-1320D    TK-172

FS-1135MFP TK-1142

FS-1350DN    TK-132

FS-1370DN  TK-172

FS-1035MFP TK-1142

FS-1128MFP  TK-132

P2135d        TK-172

M2035dn       TK-1142

FS-1100          TK-142

FS-1120D       TK-162

P2135dn      TK-172

P2040dw     TK-1162

M2535dn       TK-1142

M2540dw       TK-1172

Departmental, Large Group    

FS-9100/9520DN  TK-70

FS-9120//9520DN  TK-70

FS-9130/9530DN   TK-712

  Legacy Printers 



FS-1900 TK-50H *(call)

 FS-1800/3800    TK-60*

FS-1010   TK-17*

FS-1920  TK-57  

 FS-1820/3820N  TK-67

FS-1020D  TK-18

FS-720, FS-820, FS-920  TK-112

FS-1030D  TK-122

Call or e-mail for any model not listed.      "TK" is short for "Toner Kit"

Kyocera Black Mono Toner

For Kyocera black and white printers

TÜV Rheinland LogoIndependent German testing organization  TÜV  confirms that Kyocera printers work best with genuine Kyocera toner and that generics can cause damage

Learn more at this link

Kyocera Color Toner for Color Laser Printers

Fast finder links for color printer toners click the blue to order

Current and resent Models 

   Printer            Black          Cyan          Magenta       Yellow        Set of all 4

P5021cdw        TK-5232K      TK-5232C    TK-5232M    TK-5232Y     TK5232-Set

P5026cdw        TK-5242K      TK-5242C    TK-5242M    TK-5242Y     TK5242-Set

P6130cdn        TK-5142K      TK-5142C    TK-5142M    TK-5142Y     TK5142-Set

P6230cdn        TK-5272K      TK-5272C    TK-5272M    TK-5272Y     TK5272-Set

P6035cdn        TK-5152K      TK-5152C    TK-5152M    TK-5152Y     TK5152-Set

P6235cdn        TK-5282K      TK-5282C    TK-5282M    TK-5282Y     TK5282-Set

P7040cdn        TK-5162K      TK-5162C    TK-5162M    TK-5162Y    TK5162-Set

P7240cdn        TK-5292K      TK-5292C    TK-5292M    TK-5292Y     TK5292-Set

FS-C8650DN   TK-8602K     TK-8602C    TK-8602M     TK-8602Y    TK8602-Set

P8060cdn        TK-8802K     TK-8802C    TK-8802M     TK-8802Y    TK8802-Set


Legacy Models (out of production) 

   Printer           Black          Cyan         Magenta       Yellow         Set of all 4

FS-C5100DN    TK-542K      TK-542C      TK-542M      TK-542Y      TK542-Set

FS-C5150DN    TK-582K      TK-582C      TK-582M      TK-582Y      TK582-Set

P6021cdn         TK-582K      TK-582C      TK-582M      TK-582Y      TK582-Set

FS-C5200DN    TK-552K      TK-552C      TK-552M      TK-552Y       TK552-Set

FS-C5250DN    TK-592K      TK-592C      TK-592M      TK-592Y       TK592-Set

P6026cdn         TK-592K      TK-592C      TK-592M      TK-592Y       TK592-Set

FS-C5300DN    TK-562K       TK-562C      TK-562M      TK-562Y      TK562-Set

FS-C5350DN    TK-562K       TK-562C      TK-562M      TK-562Y      TK562-Set

P6030cdn         TK-562K       TK-562C      TK-562M      TK-562Y      TK562-Set

FS-C5400DN    TK-572K       TK-572C      TK-572M      TK-572Y      TK572-Set

P7035cdn        TK-572K       TK-572C      TK-572M      TK-572Y       TK572-Set

Call or e-mail for any model not listed.      

 Kyocera Color Toner

 FS Series:  FS-5015N, FS-5016N, FS-5020N, FS-5030N, FS-5100DN, FS-C5150DN, FS-5200DN, FS-C5250DN, FS-C5300DN, FS-C5350DN, FS-C5400DN, FS-C8650DN  


P Series:  P5021cdw, P5026cdw, P6021cdn, P6026cdn, P6030cdn, P6130cdn, P6230cdn, P6035cdn, P6235cdn, P7040cdn, P7240cdn, P8060cdn color printer




Kyocera Black Toner for Multi-function Copiers


Fast finder links for copier toners click the blue to order   

M3045idn, M3540idn   TK-3102  - M3550idn  TK-3122   -  M3560idn  TK-3132

M3145idn, M3645idn    TK-3162 -  M3655idn  TK-3182  -  M3660idn  TK-3192

M2040dn, M2540dw & M2640idw  TK-1172

M2635dw  TK-1152

FS-1035MFP/DP,  FS-1135MFP, M2035dn, M2535dn  TK-1142     

FS-1028MFP, FS-1128MFP TK-132

FS-3040MFP, FS-3140MFP, FS-3640MFP  TK-352        

FS-6530MFP, FS-6525MFP, CS-255, CS-305   TK-479

M4125idn, M4132idn  TK-6117    

Call or e-mail for any model not listed.  


The Kyocera toner only container is made up of

just two recyclable plastics

Kyocera Color Toner for Multi-function Printers

Fast finder links for color copier toners click the blue to order 

Current Models 

   Printer               Black         Cyan          Magenta       Yellow          Set of all 4

306ci, 307ci      TK5199K     TK5199C     TK5199M      TK5199Y       TK5199-Set

406ci                 TK5219K     TK5219C     TK5219M      TK5219Y       TK5219-Set

408ci, 508ci      TK5319K     TK5319C     TK5319M      TK5319Y       TK5319-Set

FS-C2x26MFP  TK-592K     TK-592C      TK-592M       TK-952Y        TK592-Set

  M6x26cdn          TK-592K     TK-592C       TK-592M       TK-952Y        TK592-Set

  M5521cdw        TK-5232K     TK-5232C     TK-5232M      TK-5232Y      TK5232-Set

  M5526cdw         TK-5242K    TK-5242C     TK-5242M      TK-5242Y      TK5242-Set

M6530cdn          TK-5142K    TK-5142C     TK-5142M      TK-5142Y      TK5142-Set

M6630cidn         TK-5272K     TK-5272C    TK-5272M      TK-5272Y       TK5272-Set

M6x35cidn         TK-5152K     TK-5152C     TK-5152M     TK-5152Y       TK5152-Set

M6635cidn         TK-5282K     TK-5282C    TK-5282M      TK-5282Y       TK5282-Set

  FS-C8025MFP    TK-899K      TK-899C      TK-899M        TK-899Y         TK899-Set

  FS-C8525MFP    TK-899K      TK-899C      TK-899M        TK-899Y          TK899-Set

  M8124cidn          TK-8117K    TK-8117C    TK-8117M       TK-8117Y        TK8117-Set

  M8130cidn          TK-8117K    TK-8117C    TK-8117M       TK-8117Y        TK8117-Set

 X = all models IE: FS-C2x26MFP for the FS-C2026MFP, FS-C2126MFP, FS-C2526MFP, FS-C2626MFP

Call or e-mail for any model not listed.  

Kyocera Color Multi-function Toner


Celebrating our 28th Anniversary


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